San Andrés

Weather: Pack your sunscreen, sandals, and shorts because San Andrés weather is always above 80 * F.
Altitude: Nothing to worry over here, San Andrés is at sea level.
Rainy Season: At this relaxing Island you only have the wet season and the dry season. The wet season kicks in around June/July and ends in October/November every year. This change of seasons from dry to wet is due to the hurricanes that pass by in the wet season. The hurricanes bring rain and wind from the east.
Transportation: Since it is a small island you will have two options. One will be what we consider to be regular transportation which is shared and it has a capacity of 4 people per car, please have in mind that these cars do not have AC. If you are looking for comfort then definitely go for a private transportation and for some good news, they do have AC.
WHAT TO WEAR? San Andrés is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Say no more! Pack your sunglasses, sunblock, hat, shorts and sandals… and please don´t forget your bathing suit!
HIGHLIGHTS: Since San Andrés is somewhat a small island, do not hesitate on embarking on a private tour around the island. You will be able to visit San Andrés’ famous “El Hoyo Soplador” which is a Natural phenomenon where a hole in the beach shoots out ocean water when there are strong waves. And do not hesitate on visiting Johnny Cay and the Aquarium, without this tour you will definitely feel like your visit to San Andrés was incomplete!

More of San Andrés

The archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia is home to isolated beaches, unspoiled coral reefs and an alluring island flavor, however these islands will be talked about deeply in another newsletter focused on the insular region.

Located at 770 kms (480 miles) off the Colombian Caribbean Coast, the islands were discovered by Spanish navigators in 1527. Later they were colonized by pilgrims and during the 17th century they became a favourite refuge for English, French and Dutch pirates. San Andres is protected by a chain of reefs and cays and therefore surrounded by calm clear turquoise waters and powder white sandy beaches of incomparable beauty.

You have just arrived in paradise. San Andres is the largest island in the archipelago formed by San Andrés, Providencia, Santa Catalina and many other cays, reefs, atolls and sand banks within an area of twenty square miles. This seahorse-shaped island covered in coconut palms, white sand beaches and turquoise waters accented with colored fish, is indeed a paradisiacal destination. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax, while you sit back and enjoy the sun, the beach and the beautiful sea of seven colors.

INSIDER TIPS: In order to enter the island, all tourists have to pay a tourism card which it can be paid either in cash or by card before entering the Island.

In order to enjoy the island, we usually recommend to at least stay 4 days and 3 nights at the island. The Flight is around three hours from Bogotá so you probably want to make your time’s worth plus you won´t regret it.


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