Weather: Popayán characterizes for having short and hot summers. Winters are also short but comfortable and it is mostly cloudy throughout the year. In general terms, its temperature varies from 57°F and 77°F and it rarely drops below 55°F or rises above 80°F
Altitude: 1,760m above sea level
Rainy Season: The wetter season lasts around 8 months, from September until May.
WHAT TO WEAR? Make sure to pack comfortable clothing, and dress in layers! Pack sweaters, a warm jacket, scarfs and cotton shirts. You never know when a cold wave will hit!
INSIDER TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Make sure to tell your guide the day you would like to visit the Natural History Museum, as it is important to have in mind that the museum is closed on Mondays and we would not like you to be in for a surprise. Also the farmer’s market on Tuesdays at Silvia, the best place for fresh products and lovely articrafts.

More of Popayán

Popayán is one of the most important colonial cities in the country, together with Cartagena and Mompox. It was founded by Sebastián de Belalcázar in 1537 after the foundation of Quito in Ecuador and Cali in Colombia by the same conquistador.  The universities of Popayán are considered as the most distinguished institutions of higher education in the country, five presidents of Colombia were born here, and it’s also considered a gastronomic town. Popayán is known as the “white city” due to the color of its colonial houses and places in downtown, it’s one of the most preserved and oldest cities in America. In 2003, UNESCO declared it as the first city of gastronomy because of its variety.


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