Orinoquía Region

Over 200 hundred years ago it was visited, studied, explored and put on the world map by the intrepid explorer Alexander von Humboldt, however since such tremendous rediscovery for the natural world audience it remains secretly hidden from most travelers and naturalist excursions. This is the entry to the mighty Orinoco River, some of the most unique geological formations on Earth, as well as home to many endemic species nestled in this biodiverse mosaic of ecosystems.

More of Orinoquía Region

The scenery is breathtaking featuring ancient large rounded domed tall hills and mountains emerging a thousand feet high – over 300 meters above tropical forests and savanna, very different from the Amazon river basin and nothing like this elsewhere in our natural world.

Within this unique ecosystems and natural mosaics of plant communities we find a fantastic mix of animal species, some which originate in the Amazon and others that originate in the Guiana Shield region. Some of the most evident are amazing bird species associated to the Guianan origin at the sandy soil habitats, those species have very restricted distribution ranges in this remote iconic scenery of South America.


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