Officially the Special, Tourist, Historical and Cultural District of Santa Cruz de Mompox, is a district of Colombia, in the department of Bolívar.
Elevation: 33 m
Surface: 645.4 km²
Population: 44,124 (2015)
Weather: 34 ° C, wind from the W at 6 km / h, humidity 55%

More of Mompox

We invite you to discover one of America’s best preserved and most authentic colonial cities, where behind the walls of century-old houses, precious jewels are made with gold and silver threads. It was the birthplace of Candelario Obeso, the father of black poetry in the continent; Mompox is the inspiration of García Márquez’s and it gave glory to Bolívar: Colombia’s Corageous City!

The journey begins in the south of Cartagena, taking the road to the town of Carmen de Bolívar, which then leads to Magangué; the transport takes about four hours. Once at the port of Magangué, you’ll board the ferry to the port of La Bodega, sailing on the Magdalena River for an hour.

La Bodega is one of the smallest ports from which you can access the Mompox Depression, an important water catchment area from the foothills of Ayapel, San Lucas and Perijá to the savannahs of the Caribbean, where the rivers San Jorge, Cauca and César join the Magdalena. The latter is divided up to the municipality of El Banco into two branches, the Brazo de Loba and Brazo de Mompox, coming together again in Magangué, leaving amid a flood island (about 2,900 km2 of extension) which is our destination. After 45 minutes of a partially paved road from La Bodega, we arrive at your selected hotel in Mompox.

After making the hotel registration, we invite you to a walking tour through the historic center, visiting the town six churches, the squares, the cemetery and distinguished buildings like the Colegio Pinillos or the Portales de la Marquesa, while our guide will tell you the story of La Valerosa.

Walking down the barricade on the banks of the Magdalena River, you can see monkeys, iguanas and turkeys and try the traditional lemon candy, a layer cheese or exotic fruits like sour guava or corozo. All these are signs of the particular natural and cultural landscape that complements the ancient buildings, reviving that magical atmosphere which has always distinguished Mompox and are loved by locals and visitors.

Insider tip: Mompox is also a natural paradise. You will hear the sound of the birds, monkeys and other animals every morning as you wake up. During your visit to Mompox you can take a short tour to a nearby swamp where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and see some interesting species.


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