La Macarena

La Macarena

Far away from the impressive Andes mountain ranges that flank the western side of our region, northern South America has extensive mega biodiverse tropical forests, it is one of the least explored and poorly known regions of the world, it is home to the Orinoco river basin, one of the largest rivers of the planet flowing through one of the most ancient landscapes on Earth.

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About the size of India this vast territory is recognized by UNESCO as an ecoregion of global significance housing many World Heritage Sites. With approximately 3.5 billion years of geological history the area is better known as the Guiana Shield: the domain of the early solidified crust of the Earth that ended forming tall eroded and flat mountains towering from lush tropical forests. The old cultures have named them Tepuys = Sacred Mountains.

Colombia has inherited part of this unique region of the Guiana Shield, embraced at the south western corner of this amazing geological formation which created a diverse habitat mosaic dominated by La Macarena Massif, the last rocky development – Tepuy before the eastern Andes mountain range and next to the Amazon basin.

This important ecosystem hosts an extraordinary and unique biological identity, an environment filled with iconic flora and fauna within the mighty Orinoco river basin, certainly a natural jewel not to be missed!


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