Coffee Region

Coffee Region

The Coffee Regions is made up of the departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. This region is also known as the Coffee Triangle, because geographically the three departments form an inverted triangle. With a combination of beautiful natural landscapes, abundance of fauna and flora and a spring climate, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in Colombia and the best place to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

More of Coffee Region

Armenia: the capital of the Department of Quindío, one of the youngest departments in the country characterized by the warmth of its people, spectacular landscapes and beautiful harvests. Its economy has traditionally been based on coffee. The traditional architecture “Antioqueña” stands out.

Pereira: the capital of the Department of Risaralda, it is the result of the colonization of Antioquia, and its inhabitants retain features of the culture of the “arrieros”, such as the friendliness and entrepreneurship. Mountains strewn with coffee and banana; and valleys where you can see guaduas and sugar cane crops receive those who come to Pereira. In this city and its surroundings, travelers can practice adventure sports; relax in hot springs and visit nature reserves and spaces dedicated to culture, among other things.

Manizales: the capital of the Department of Caldas, it is a privileged city for its geographical location and nature, with its waters, fauna and flora, you can even appreciate the snow, at the Nevado del Ruiz.

Colombian coffee

Famous across the globe for its high quality, Colombian coffee is known for its smoothness and aroma. There are many secrets to our success but our geography is undeniably one of them. Coffee grows best in volcanic soil, at altitudes of 1,200 to 1,800 meters, in places that are free of frost but receive around 80 inches of rain a year. Colombia ticks all those boxes. Colombia’s coffee zone or eje cafetero (Coffee Cultural Landscape) in the center of our country, produces most of our coffee however, we produce it all over the country: Colombia basically has a bean to suit every taste. Our beans. The world’s most important species of coffee shrub are the cofea arabica (arabica) and the cofea canephora (robusta) and everyone knows arabica has the best flavor. Colombian coffee is 100% arabica. Our harvest is a main difference as well. Some countries favor strip picking, in mountainous Colombia, our norm is to “cherry pick” or select only the fully ripe cherries.


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