Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva

has several rural landscapes from a wilderness area region with its unique lakes and water reservoirs to the semi-arid deserts. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia. This lovely colonial town was declared a national monument and it has been preserved entirety including its stone-paved streets embedded with fossils from the surrounding area. All the buildings are whitewashed, with terra-cotta tile roofs, pine green doors, and balconies decorated with flowers.
Weather: In this town the average temperature is of 62*F, at night the temperature drops a bit.
Altitude: Villa de Leyva is at 2,149 m, which means that is a little lower than Bogotá but you will still need that warm jacket, scarf and sweater since it can get chilly at night.
Rainy Season: The rain in Villa de Leyva falls mostly in the winter, with relatively little rain in the summer.
WHAT TO WEAR? Due to its altitude you will most likely need to pack your sweater, jacket and scarf because at night it can get a bit cold. Although during the day you could easily be on jeans and a t-shirt.

More of Villa de Leyva

MUST-DO ACTIVITIESA walking tour through the colonial town is definitely a must while you are in Villa de Leyva. You will learn more about the culture of the people and its interesting architecture as you pass through the different cobbled streets and the vast main square plaza. The quiet atmosphere together with the solitude of its streets and the easy-going life of its inhabitants, make you feel that you are in an era where it seems like time has not passed.

Don´t forget to add to this list a visit to “El Fósil”, the “Santo Ecce Homo” convent and the “Marqués de Villa de Leyva”, one of the few vineyards in the country!

WHERE TO EAT:  Tomatina Campestre is a must while visiting the outskirts and in the town’s center, Mercado Municipal without a doubt. Also try the famous millefeuille at La Galleta café.

WHERE TO DRINK & DANCE: Villa de Leyva its not a place to party, however, around the main plaza you will find great places to drink have a beer, a cocktail or a warm beverage. If you’re looking for a more chic ambiance then go to Selina Hostel, located in the main road, the bar is called Nómada pool & kitchen, and there’s always live music, DJs, dancing lessons, and more. 

WHERE TO SHOP? Head over to the Plaza Mayor of this captivating town and you will find a little bit of everything from great chocolate to colorful fabrics that have been woven by the townspeople. Some great holistic places are available as well, organic shops, home-made cosmetics and home-elements will leave you exited to shop more. 

INSIDER TIPS AND RECOMMENDATION: Be sure to visit the charming surrounding villages. If you are traveling with kids you will find some fun dinosaur activities. The wine of this area is quite particular since it is not usual for it to develop in the tropics, so it is also an interesting and different activity.


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