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Colombia´s impressive biodiversity is in great extend the consequence of the subdivisions created by the geological events that generated the massive Andes. In this land 3 mountain ranges have branched out, called the Eastern, Central and Western Andes, the source of different rivers that divide the valleys, this natural structure combined with different elevations is responsible for a rich endemism biological process.

This area of Colombia boasts cultural diversity that enchants travelers with its music and cuisine. In the interior of the country, the two traditional types of music played throughout the Andean region are the Bambuco and the Guabina. Both types of music have considerable mestizo influence, often using as their undercurrents themes that emphasize the earth, mountains, and lakes. 

The Andes of Colombia has one of the most important ecosystems of the world and its famed for its high level of species diversity. The experiences vary depending on the mountain range area you visit, the exploration options include Andean cloud forest, woodland, páramo, and wetland habitats where you can search for a wide display of species, including flycatchers, hummingbirds, tanagers, toucans, and more. Our recommendation here will be the coffee region in the Central Andes, where you can observe more than 600 bird species. Three miles away from Manizales, you will find the Río Blanco Reserve, considered as one of the best birding sites of the country. With an extension of 4,900 hectares ranging from 2,200 to 3,800 meters above sea level, it has ecosystems of high Andean forests and sub-páramos, it is the main water supplier of the aqueduct of the capital of Caldas and, is the habitat of the more than 20 hummingbird species, with a total bird census of 350 species.


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