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Metropolitan Touring Colombia is an inbound tourism company comprised of highly-trained experts that are wholly in love with Colombia. We are fully committed to delivering a high caliber of services and experiences in the country while continuously striving to innovate in all areas of our operations and provide our travelers with the best possible tour available. We are always ready and available to assist our clients with every detail, interest, or need that may arise while on their journey with us.
Our dedication to sharing the extraordinary beauty of Colombia with our guests means inviting them to experience our country’s breathtaking landscapes, fascinating art and culture, and remarkable stories.


About two times the territory of the state of Texas or 5 times larger than the UK, Colombia features ecosystems, landscapes and cultures that makes it the 2nd most biodiverse country in our planet. From Bogota, the capital city in the high Andes, one can face to the western lowlands the humid Choco region, the wettest tropical rain forest on Earth, and yet turning our attention to the east we find two of the most impressive ecosystems in the continent: the grassy plains of the Llanos and the Amazon rain forest hosted by the headwaters of the powerful Orinoco river basin.

This natural scenery is enriched by different cultures, languages, food and traditions mixed with colonial history and African influences.

From all the intricate mountain ranges, the precious emeralds, the ancient gold of el Dorado, charming historical coffee farms, 

luxuriant forests to the tropical sun and beaches, there is hardly any other destination that can combine such strikingly different associated experiences.

Colombia at the northwest tip of South America is nestled in the heart of the northern Andes, the longest mountain range in the world. Three impressive mountain ranges extend from North to South creating a network of peaks and active volcanoes. Thanks to these dynamic geological formations Colombia´s geography is enriched by having two oceans at the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Away from the Andes, the older roots of the country are flanked by two unique landscapes:

Reaching an altitude of 5,700 m – 18,700 ft, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is a separated and isolated mountain range, one of the world´s highest coastal mountains next to the Caribbean sea.

This scenery creates amazing different environments in the same territory combining tropical sun, beaches, tropical dry forests, mangroves, cloud forests and the massive mountain range, a destination not to be missed! At the epicenter of the far East the Guiana Shield prevails. Is one of the oldest sedimentary remains of the crust of the Earth, the domain of the early, ancient, tall, eroded and flat mountains towering from the lowland lush tropical forests. The old cultures have named them Tepuys = Sacred Mountains. A fantastic natural mosaic dominated by rocky developments before the eastern Andes mountain range and next to the Amazon basin. This region hosts an extraordinary and unique biological identity, an environment filled with iconic flora and fauna within the mighty Orinoco basin, certainly a natural jewel to be explored!


Metropolitan Touring specializes in crafting exceptional, tailor-made travel experiences for explorers seeking authentic encounters
Experience and Knowledge
Metropolitan Touring Colombia is much more than just a tour agency. We are a team of passionate ambassadors dedicated to sharing the wonders of Colombia‘s vast natural beauty, diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, mesmerizing music, fascinating artistic creations, culinary delights, one-of-a-kind hospitality, and genuine warmth with visitors from all over the world.
We provide travelers with exciting journeys that show our dedication to sharing the extraordinary beauty of Colombia and inviting them to experience our country’s magic.

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Journeys through Colombia

These itineraries are specially designed with the vast expertise and knowledge of our team of destination experts. The quality and attention to detail make each of these experiences truly unique, infinitely enjoyable, and, above all, enlightening and memorable.

Technology and Support

At every destination along your journey through Colombia, you can count on our team of destination experts and professional guides who utilize dependable and proven technologies for communicating, navigating, and coordinating our clients’ visits, accommodations, tours, and the like. Colombia is a country with plenty of activity and unique topography. So, whether you’re visiting a busy metropolitan area like Bogotá or winding your way through a secluded valley, it’s good to know that your driver and guide are in constant communication with other team members providing necessary support to help everything run smoothly and efficiently. Today, the use of technology has additional advantages, as laid out in our enhanced safety protocols.

Our Team

Metropolitan Touring Colombia is a team made up of destination experts who are local and who exemplify the one-of-a-kind hospitality that is synonymous with our nation. What this means is that we are attentive to every detail of your itinerary and that we anticipate what you may need as you make your way through our country, experiencing all of its natural and cultural delights. The relationships that we have built with our trusted and knowledgeable providers grant us the confidence to consider them part of our team. We inspire in them the same level of attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for our guests as we display in helping you plan your trip. Together, we are committed to really demonstrating what it means to be Colombian. Most of all, we believe welcome is something that our clients should feel throughout their entire visit; not just a word they hear as they step off the plane.

Having grown up in Barranquilla surrounded by the sounds of Carnival, Elvira Benavides discovered her love of dance and developed a genuine passion for the natural and cultural richness of Colombia. Throughout her eight-plus years at Metropolitan Touring, her experience and knowledge have helped her create exciting itineraries for inspired travelers from all over the world.
Elvira Benavides
Commercial Manager
Rodríguez Camilo earned his degree in Business Administration with a focus on Tourism and Hospitality. Throughout his professional career, he has continued to build on his knowledge and expand his skills in the areas of logistics, touristic operations, and problem-solving. His dedication to helping clients experience unforgettable journeys stems from his love of Colombia.
Camilo Rodríguez
Operations Manager
Having traveled all over the country, exploring everything from the Caribbean coast to the Amazon region and in between, Juliana Urdaneta’s firsthand knowledge of Colombia and her knack for providing quality service to fellow explorers is not only evident in her ability to recommend great spots to visit, where to eat, and what to see, but also in designing the perfect experience for adventurers from all over the world.
Juliana Urdaneta
Destination Expert
Born and raised in Bogotá, Nathalia Marroquín earned her Business Administration degree in the area of Tourism and Hospitality. Her yearning to explore so much of the country is driven in part by her pride in sharing the natural beauty, diversity, cuisine, traditions, and hidden gems of Colombia like only a curious native can. This is a big part of what she contributes to the Metropolitan Touring team.
Nathalia Marroquín
Senior Destination Expert
angelica web
Curiosity is a wonderful motivator and it is what has fueled Angélica Gutiérrez’s interest in studying tourism and becoming a sort of ambassador to visitors from all over. The Bogotá native has traveled extensively throughout her country and has seen its rich and remarkable diversity up close. She is an ardent believer that Colombia is a treasure worth sharing with the world.
Angélica Gutiérrez
Destination Expert

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